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Leading Treatments

We choose the most skilled doctors for your medical needs. Be assured your treatment is in the best hands possible!

Advance Reservations

We plan your trip itinerary from start to finish! Transportation, hotel reservations, hospital appointments - all of it!

Bespoke Tour Packages

Home to one of the wonders - the Taj Mahal! Don’t miss your chance to witness Indian architecture at its finest!

medical tourism in India

About Us

Started in 1994, Mediserve India, now known as Medical Services of India has been providing world class medical care for global audiences at extremely affordable prices. Indian medical practices have kept at par with first world procedures, but they have recently leapt forward with the availability of next-gen technology and a supercharged medical infrastructure.

Medical Services of India (MSOI) offers the complete package for medical tourism in India. We will take care of your hotel bookings, ticket reservations, appointment scheduling with doctors and consultants, as well as transportation around the city. In addition to connecting patients with the best doctors, MSOI also offers bespoke tour packages to one of the seven modern wonders of the world - the Taj Mahal! Medical Services of India, where your health is our concern!

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What We Do

Angioplasty in India
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Treatment & Care

No waiting, we promise! Expect fixed appointments, personalized medical care, 24/7 coordination with doctors & nurses and post treatment assistance - the complete deal!

Getting Around

We provide step by step visa assistance and complete travel arrangements - airport to hotel, hotel to hospital and vice versa! We even take care of hotel reservations.

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Spine surgery
Angioplasty in India
heart surgery in india

Provisional Facilities

We come bearing mouth watering global cuisine, secure locker facilities, adept translators, an authorized foreign exchange and prepaid mobile connections!

Visit a Wonder

Take a trip to the Taj Mahal - one of the seven wonders of the world! We also provide tailored tour packages and shopping & recreational facilities. Witness Indian culture first-hand!

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Mediserve India Advantage

At Mediserve india, we believe in creating a unique and effortless experience for you. Whether you’re travelling internationally or within India, we will put in the extra effort to make your visit remarkable! Here are just some of the advantages of choosing Mediserve India:

  • FREE airport transfers - We have you covered from the second you land!
  • FREE MI hotel to hospital transfers - No need to worry about directions!
  • FREE 1-day sightseeing tour of New Delhi - Visit the majestic Taj mahal!
  • 10% discount on MI hotel bill - Stay in luxury at The Swiss Palms hotel!

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