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About Us

Our story begins in 1994. Created with the vision of providing superior medical care in India, Medical Services Of India (MSOI) came into being! We first noticed the lack of planning in hospital organization while observing average wait times for appointments in dingily lit hospital waiting rooms. With no clear process in place, patients would wander around the hospital floor aimlessly and quite often doctors weren’t even made aware of waiting patients! There was a clear lack of communication between hospital attendants and patients that we wanted to address, but it wasn’t until we noticed the influx of medical tourists from various countries, that our work began in earnest!

Decades of interactions with top doctors in every field of medicine have moulded our process of matching patients and doctors into an algorithm for finding the perfect practitioner for any situation. As we stand today, MSOI excels in providing top class treatments at low prices, creating detailed itineraries for global visitors and building unrivaled experiences through our tour packages. Keep reading for information on how to begin your journey with us!

The vision soon gave way to reality as we set up shop and began expanding our services from finding hospitals and scheduling appointments to booking hotel reservations and planning personalised tours. Before we knew it MSOI had become more than just an appointment planner, we had become an integral part of representing medical services in India.

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Our Best Services

Indian medical procedures are practically 1/10th the cost of the exact same practices carried out in countries like US, UK & South Africa - and this comes with absolutely no compromise in quality!


Heart surgeries &

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Knee Replacement,Joint Treatments

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Cosmetic Surgery

Buttock Lift, Hair Transplantation

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Nervous system

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Organ Transplant

Liver transplant, Kidney transplant

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Cancer Treatment

Head & Neck Cancer Treatment

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Eye, Nose, Throat

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