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Identifying and taking action as earliest as possible. Liver transplant in India

By September 24, 2018blog

Liver failure is a life-threatening disease and patients diagnosed with it are even held in intensive care units of hospitals. There are two main branches of liver disease, a slow building chronic type and a rapidly escalating acute type. Liver transplant in India has become the second most common type of surgery and due to the affordable cost of this surgery in India, it is attracting international medical tourists by the thousands every month!

Leading Causes

The liver, which is part of nearly all metabolic processes in the body is most importantly associated with the breakdown of old and damaged blood cells. Most common causes of liver disease include infections like hepatitis C, chronic alcohol abuse, accumulation of fat in the liver, diabetes and obesity. As the liver disease becomes more serious the only course of treatment left is a liver transplant.

Liver Failure

Due to recent medical advances and low operating costs, increasing amounts of global visitors are opting for a liver transplant in India. If you regularly experience one or more of these symptoms, please consult your doctor.

  • Jaundice. Identified by yellowish skin & eyes
  • Pain in abdomen
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Swelling in legs & ankles
  • Easily bruised skin
  • Loss of appetite & nausea


Liver failure, both acute and chronic should be diagnosed as early as possible. So as soon as you start experiencing symptoms regularly, consult your doctor. Here is what they will need from you

  • Imaging tests: Ultrasounds can reveal damage on your liver, while more detailed imaging tests like an MRI or CT scan can reveal the entire network of liver and surrounding blood vessels.
  • Blood tests: Doctors check the time it takes for your blood to clot. People suffering from liver failure have very slow clotting blood.
  • Liver biopsy: A small sample of your liver is collected for further testing, but the process is slightly tricky. While it is minimally invasive, patients suffering from liver failure are at bigger risk to start bleeding excessively. This is why doctors generally make the incision at the side of the neck to control blood flow.


Treatments for failing livers are pretty limited due to the complexity of the organ. Patients generally require time to heal even after treatment.

  • Medication for poisoning: Poisoning and overdosing on prescription drugs can lead to acute liver failure. This can be reversed through specific medications in most cases.
  • Transplant Procedure: For cases where medications do not have the desired effect, the only other option is a liver transplant. If you are looking for a professionally performed and reasonably priced procedure, consider a liver transplant in India.

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