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What We Do

Medical Services Of India (MSOI) Benefits

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Excellence in Service

Striving for excellence is the common theme across every service we provide. At Medical Services Of India (MSOI) we believe there is no greater achievement than providing excellent medical care and a pain free experience for our customers - a healthy customer is a happy customer!

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Low Priced Procedures

We understand the appeal of medical tourism to India lies in low-cost leading medicinal practices. Procedures which can run into thousands of dollars in hospital fees alone for most nations. Our vision is to provide complete healthcare solutions at lowest prices with no compromise to quality!

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Our Global Exposure

Understandably first-time customers yet to experience our services, have a few concerns about how their procedure will turn out and if the hospital will be reliable. MSOI has spent decades dispelling these notions and showcasing our exemplary medical practices to a global audience!

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Treatment & Care

We provide personalized medical care and constant coordination with doctors and nurses. Pre treatment, we make & confirm all appointments around your schedule. During treatment, we ensure no wait times! Post treatment, you can expect doorstep delivery of medications & advice for a speedy recovery!

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Getting Around

You won’t have to worry about flagging down a cab even once during your visit! We offer step by step visa assistance, make necessary hotel reservations and provide transport around the city & to and from the hotel, hospital and airport!

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Provisional Facilities

The MSOI experience would not be complete without additional amenities like a global cuisine, prepaid mobile phone loaded with minutes, secure locker facilities and an authorized foreign exchange! We will fill every gap in your requirements.

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Visit a Wonder

Immerse yourself in our colorful & vibrant culture! We create custom tour packages for every customer. Whether you’re a first time customer or revisiting us, no two trips will be alike! We host shopping & recreational activities and provide you with a personal translator to help you stay in the loop!