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Why the global attraction to Indian medical tourism? Spine surgery in India

By September 24, 2018blog

From the bustling heart of the African continent to the widespread infrastructures of central Asia, countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Bangladesh all display one commonly emerging trend; the growth in medical tourism to India! But it is first world nations like US & UK that are most enthusiastic about these medical pilgrimages to India and with world-class procedures, an eclectic range of utilities and latest in modern comforts it’s easy to see why! Let us look at one such practise enjoying global attention – spine surgery in India.

Spine surgery is rarely ever the first step of treatment, but when lower back pain becomes chronic (recurs constantly), it becomes the only option. There are over a million medical tourists that visit India monthly. Here’s why.

Health & Wealth

India offers some of the best medical practices at ridiculously reasonable prices. Spine surgery can cost nearly 10X times more in a first world country! So save your health and your wealth too by considering a trip to India!

Medical Services of India (MSOI) helps medical tourists find the best doctors and handles all of your scheduling and reservations too!


India places in the top ten list of the most high-tech countries globally. Such is the case when it comes to medical technology too! With an integration of new age tech like cloud computing and wireless machinery, medicine in India has made enormous strides.

One of the most popular Indian spine surgery treatments available is the Micro Endoscopic Spine Surgery(MES). MES is a minimally invasive surgery also referred to as keyhole surgery and like it’s namesake, is performed through an opening no bigger than a keyhole!

On your feet in no time!

Spine surgery in India has reached a level of sophistication where procedures are painless and post-treatment recovery time is minimal! Enjoy the sights of our beautiful nation while you’re here, no point lying in bed all day!

Medical Services of India (MSOI) packages also include a day-long tour to one of the world’s seven wonders – the Taj Mahal! Get treated and get exploring!